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Web Design & Styling

Your Website is now one of the first places that your potential customer or contact goes to find out who you are and whether or not you're what they are looking for to solve their issue, sell them the item they are looking for, or a myriad of other needs.

They will find you from one of several ways. Which we talk about on our Marketing page. One of the key connections is through your social media. Which is meant to be a small taste of who you are and a way to become connected with your potential client. But your website is meant for them to really get to know you and learn that they can trust you to provide what they need!

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Web Design
Each and every website is an entity unto itself. So to simply say this is how much it costs is not really accurate or fair since your site will be created to suit your own needs. And that is why we offer free quotes.

Here are some areas in which we can help:

  • Site & Domain Establishing - Getting your site domain (web address/name) and hosted (where the site will be held)

  • Skeletal Build - Basic creation of a site that bears your basic information, contact, etc.

  • E-Commerce Set-Up - Building the site to be able to sell your product

  • Full Build - Essentially, you tell us exactly what you want, we take off!

  • Advisory Build - We take you through the steps, and you do the work

  • Build & Maintenance - The build is done according to one of the choices above, and we then maintain it for you

  • Combos - Parts of one or more already mentioned

As we said, your website is truly something that will be specifically for you and your purposes. If you feel like anything you are needing is not covered in our list, it doesn't mean we can't do it. Take a moment to contact us here and ask us. We are very responsive and will gladly e-mail you a quote.


What is likely the most important part of your website successfully being found is the part called SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, preparing your website to have the proper parameters for search engines (Google, mostly) to be able to find you when someone searches for you or a product you sell or a service you offer. Most hosting/website design companies offer this to their customers (you) with their site design package. But they don’t offer to do it for you unless you pay them.

This process can be involved and time consuming. We offer it as we design and build your site. We also offer to keep it updated as things inevitably change and progress on the site.

There are simple processes that can help; but when it gets complicated, it’s nice to have a pro helping out.

We can promise better search engine results, but we are limited to what sites like Google will do. Search engines do what is called “indexing” a website. A process whereby they add your website to their database by words (called metadata) and pages so when someone searches for a particular word, your site comes up if it has matching parameters. It then displays your page. Sometime it takes a while to index your site, and we have no control over search engines. The most important part is to be prepared when they do index your site

One of the issues many websites face are the "appearance" and the "flow".


Often a website is purely mechanical or functionary. Which is not always a bad thing. But sometimes those attributes can cause a bad experience with your client. A visually attractive site will help with the experience and become a more interesting and comfortable place for that same client. Appearance is  key effort for us whether we are improving an existing site or building one from the ground up!


Have you ever been to a website that was so busy, it became difficult to find what you were there for? Or even remember why you were there? Business and utility websites are notorious for this issue. Then people dread trying to navigate them. Don't let your website become like this. It will reduce your clientele amount and lower the success rate of your internet footprint!

If you are interested in having your current website's Style looked at, contact us for a free "brief" once over of your site. If you want to avoid the problem to begin with, let us build your website!

Image by Mohammad Rahmani

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