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Video Creation Service

Video has changed. And it continues to do so. With the advent of high quality video recording capabilities in our phones, the depth that we can now go is nothing short of phenomenal. Given the right phone, you can actually produce a pretty decent film with it! But for the average person, creating a video can be a bit much. Not because they're not talented, but because it isn't in their focus. And that's where we come in.

Check out some of our samples to the right of the page and stop by our
YouTube page to see a few more. Keep in mind this is just a promotional page and not everything we've done is there. But it will give you a better idea of the potential. Also, many of the images that we have had to work with are low resolution, so sometimes they end up a little grainy. Which is one reason that we ask for the highest resolution possible.

Video Creation
Now days, the possibilities are simply endless. We produce videos in several categories**. If your needs don't fit into these categories, then perhaps we need to add one. Let us know if you do, and we will discuss it with you!

Design Categories:

  • Event Promos

  • Business Promos

  • Biz Ads

  • Compilations

  • Non-Profits

  • Memory & Family Collections

  • Music Videos

  • Visual Stories

  • Audio Books

  • Book Promos

These and more can be found on our YouTube page.

Event Promos
Special event coming up? Special birthday? Christmas party? Bigger? Car show? You name it, we can put it together for you. Video, still photos, music, narrative, graphics! Everything you need. These can be pretty cheap, as well. Depending on the length and how detailed you want it. We can get things done pretty fast.



How do you promote your business online? Wouldn't it be nice to have a short video always available that describes what you do for people that might be new customers? How about if you use online services to promote your product or services? We can build what your business needs. From company description videos, to ads, and more.


When you lose someone, it takes a toll on you and the family. With Memory videos, they can be created for the funeral services; and then posted to YouTube as an "unlisted" video, keeping it semi-private for just the family. Then everyone who was not able to attend the service can be blessed with a beautiful reminder of that person. And it stays there for you to look back months or years later. Unlisted makes it easily accessible for those who are given the exact address only.

How about the last family reunion? We can make a quick and simple video for you and your family to remember how much fun you had and encourage them to be at the next one!

These can be used for a variety of reasons. To show off your work and achievements. Make a "Top 10" list. It can also be used in you business or company to show the best employees of the year. Your favorite dishes. The best restaurants in town. The list goes on.

The potential for a video created with you in mind is endless. When the project is done, it can be posted to our YouTube page and then linked to you. Or we can send it directly to you through the mail on an SD card. Even via the internet/email. The final product is entirely your property!

Contact us to ask about a free quote.

* Click here to understand our typical fees and costs.

**Note before making  a decision to hire or partner with Sapphire Arts or Servant Publications, please read our Standards & Privacy Policies.

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