Production/Wholesale Items

Sapphire Arts' Production items are creations that we try to have on hand. They are limited one-of-a-kind pieces. Even though they are made in a production fashion, they will still each have their own look, texture, and beauty because they are each made from individual repurposed material and singular pieces of wood. Much of our wood products is also repurposed/recycled wood. Contact us directly for wholesale orders here.


Contact us directly for wholesale orders here.

*Available wood type upon special request: maple, oak. “Burl” wood (redwood, maple)  require deposit. Custom design spoons and/or specific materials can be ordered. Please contact us here. Matching forks can be special ordered. Prices are the same as the spoons. Finish contains orange oil for allergen information. Spoons, forks, and cups are for collectable purposes only and are not recommended for use with food or liquid consumption. Do not allow items to become wet or soak in water.

Our products are always American made in the USA!