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Our Mission:

Sapphire Arts is a private company with a spiritual purpose. We are not just a business or a ministry. We are not a "non-profit" 501 (c)(3). We are a venture that has, at it's core, the desire to tell people about God's love through whatever means He provides. Through art, through publishing, through connections, through improving lives, through gifting, through giving, through building others up. Through doing everything as unto Him and working in His love as our foundation.

God's love, mercy, and blessing is evident in our own lives to such a degree that we are often left speechless because of it. Thus it only makes sense to pour those same things into others. It is our most important desire to bless others. Indeed, it is a mandate that God has put upon our hearts and lives. So much so that we exist under the following three purposes as a company:

  1. Bless God in all we do.

  2. Bless others through our finances and actions.

  3. Live in the blessing God has put us in.

God has brought this all about through a series of events and actions. All credit goes to Him as we are following His leading.

If you have more questions concerning what we are doing and how we can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to Contact us!

American made in the USA!

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