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Narrative & Content Arrangements

What is Narrative & Content Arrangements? (NCA) Each of the services we offer require professional writing and editing. NCA covers all of that.

When you have a video that requires the "right words", a second rate method of making the point will cause your client to think you're a second rate company. We know that isn't true. Bringing a professional narrative into the mix allows the formulation of pertinent verbiage structure that will catch the new customer's ear and understanding. Simply put, don't impress them with pictures and run them off with words.

Our experience is more than just a series of quality websites and some videos. We bring our artistic talents to bear in everything we do. In Sapphire Arts, you will have a professional writer and a professional editor on board. Your narratives will not only be well done, but there are voice options as well!

Image by Anete Lūsiņa

If you spend any time on websites, there is one part that is vital: Content. This part essentially explains why the website is there to begin with. Whether it is just a recipe site or classified documents, there needs to be content that allows the understanding of the visitor to be a foregone conclusion.

Content covers a vast part of the site. From the images and the videos to the headers and the graphics. But the one thing most often considered high priority content is the writing.

Still, it can't just be any old writing. As an example, say you have a site that publishes technical data on sewing machines. It may not sound too important, but it really is to the person needing that info.

Content needs to be checked and rechecked for accuracy and clarity. "The color upon the hound that was laying in the floor of the the cabin on the rug was brown". The accuracy is okay, but it is horribly written and can cause confusion.

Poor grammar and spelling are also bugs that run off customers. These items are checked by a professional editor.

When you have Sapphire Arts building and writing your content, you can be assured the Narrative and Content are what they should be.

Image by Mohammad Rahmani

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