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Internet Marketing Management

Basic Internet Marketing Management
Marketing can be just a bit tricky. We can help. But we don't market you or your business or your product. Which is what we mean by "Basic Internet Marketing". If you want someone who specializes in full marketing, please contact us ASAP. We have friends to whom we can refer to you. However, if you are looking to get a few tools and do your own marketing, we can help you. And for bare bones cost. Free!

Yep! Below you will find a list of techniques and ideas that will help you to grasp the opportunities to market yourself, your business, and your product/service.

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Internet Marketing Management (IMM)
Marketing is the act of placing something where people can find it in order to purchase it. Which is why a store is often called a "market". IMM is typically in reference to using Social Media but is also a term that covers website marketing as well.  So while there are no guarantees of success here, let's talk about ways you can do this without much in the way of costs. 

Social Media (Our freebie to you!)
We focus on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are others, but we don't use them because that just adds a ton more work. Unless you have help, keep it simple.


Facebook and Instagram are now the same company, Meta. These two will work together to help you do promotions for free. They have paid ads as well; but considering past experience, unless you want to really spend a lot of money, they have not proven too awfully successful.

If you have Facebook and Instagram, you need "pages" that are focused on your business. Not your personal account page, separate ones for the purpose of promoting that business or service. These are sometimes referred to as "business pages" or "fan pages". When you have both in place, you can go to your business Facebook page, find "publishing tools" (it's usually to the left side of the screen), and click on it. This page is called Facebook Business Suite.

When this opens you will see several things. You need to explore this and learn about it; but for now, let's focus on the next step. To the middle left of the page, you will see the button labeled "Create Ad". From this, you can follow directions to make a paid advertisement. If you wish to do this, simply follow the directions. One of the reasons I don’t use them is they can be a little complicated, and I posted an ad a few years ago that I had not intended to. I was exploring it to understand it better for a client. Facebook would not allow me to remove the ad and refund my costs. And since the ad was not complete, it was ineffective. So if you go this route, be careful. Of course, as much as Facebook changes things, it would likely be very different now.

Free Ads (Sort of..)

First, make sure your Instagram and Facebook are both open. Now let's look at the pseudo ads via scheduled posts. You can schedule posts to be added to you pages up to two months in advance. This time frame is a little ambiguous because (like we said) Facebook changes stuff around a lot. Sometimes more than once a week.

You will see 3 buttons below the "Create Ad" button: “Published”, “Scheduled”, and “Drafts”. Published will be lit as that is the page you are on. It just refers to items already posted. Click “Scheduled”.

From here, you can create ad-like posts and schedule them to the exact date and time. Simply click the blue button in the upper right hand of you screen that says “Create Post”. From there, you will be able to set the time and date and what your post will look like. It will also offer you optimal times. These are not always accurate.

If you do a simple Google search with the words “optimal posting times”, you will find a number of websites that give you the best times of the day and of the week to make your posts for the best results. Use these.

Business Suite will allow you to post as much as you want, as often as you want. Vary your posts as much as possible. If you are promoting one particular thing, then your posts will inevitably be similar.

Once you get ready to post, you will see there is an option to post to both Instagram and Facebook. This is an awesome and free service. Use it. If your Instagram and Facebook are not linked, it will tell you that you need to do that. Follow the directions.

Keep in mind these two social medias are not exactly the same, so there are certain parameters necessary to post to both. Instagram REQUIRES an image. Go ahead and plan for something that will work for both.

Use hashtags as well. Search for “optimal hashtags” on Google and you will find a few sites that help you search via product or service that you offer. You can use up to 30 hashtags per post. Essentially, these will help direct people to your posts when they go searching for that hashtag.


What is likely the most important part of your website successfully being found is the part called SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, preparing your website to have the proper parameters for search engines (Google, mostly) to be able to find you when someone searches for you or a product you sell or a service you offer. Most hosting/website design companies offer this to their customers (you) with their site design package. But they don’t offer to do it for you unless you pay them.

This process can be involved and time consuming. We offer it as we design and build your site. We also offer to keep it updated as things inevitably change and progress on the site.

There are simple processes that can help; but when it gets complicated, it’s nice to have a pro helping out.

We can promise better search engine results, but we are limited to what sites like Google will do. Search engines do what is called “indexing” a website. A process whereby they add your website to their database by words (called metadata) and pages so when someone searches for a particular word, your site comes up if it has matching parameters. It then displays your page. Sometime it takes a while to index your site and we have no control over search engines. The most important part is to be prepared when they do index your site

(note: this is repeated on the Web Design & Styling page)

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