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Graphic & Logo Projects

Website Design Graphics

One of the most common uses of graphics is in website creation. Graphics range from a simple use of appropriate colors to intricate logos and image manipulations. But they all have one thing in common: They fit together to promote the purpose behind the website.

For instance, The Home Depot* has a logo with orange in it. If you go to their website, you will find the same shade of orange in many places throughout the site. Those are what is called appropriate graphics or website theme colors. You will also find many images of products across the site of items they sell or services they provide. Those are manipulated images. They fit the purpose of the site.

You want the same thing on you website.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is used in nearly every part of our lives. Whether simple drawings or complicated advertisements, we see it everywhere. Some amazing and some very poorly thought out. Either way, it's there. 

A good website will have good graphics. But it's not limited to that. Graphics are used in many, many applications.

  • Business Basics - Logos, business cards, signs, posters, promotional items, etc.

  • Personal Uses - Christmas cards, photo graphics, memes, etc.

  • Political Purposes - Promo post cards, online graphics, videos, political affiliation logos, etc.

  • Informational - Ingredient labels, disclaimers, privacy policies, etc.

  • Decorations - Vehicle graphics, clothing design, wall decor, etc.

And there are more. One of the things we offer is graphic design for many other applications besides websites. If you are needing more work or items for your promotion, let us now. We'd love to get on board and see where we can help!

Logo & Brand Building
Will your newest client remember you tomorrow? Hopefully, they will. After all, we are all about success. And word of mouth can be the most powerful advertisement you might ever get. Take a second and consider the top companies around. If someone showed you the "swish" check-mark, you would know it was Nike*. If you saw the big, golden colored "M", you know it's MacDonald's Restaurants*. These well-known companies are recognized immediately in most of our society by their logo. That is branding and the purpose of a logo to begin with. You want that for your business. From that you can continue forward, developing the brand by having as much of it in sight as possible. Your website should be awash in the colors and you logo should be everywhere!


Image Editing & Sourcing
Editing an image has many advantages. The primary reason is to find a way to improve the picture. One of the struggles, however, is the original quality of the photo. Providing the original image has the necessary resolution, there are many, many things that can be done to help the picture quality. While we are not an image shop, we can do a few things to improve what is used to add to your website.

  • Blow-up/Crop - Zoom into areas of the image

  • Clarity - Improve the lighting, color, contrast, etc.

  • Transparencies - Remove certain areas, leaving them transparent

  • File Format - Alter the image formats for specific purposes

  • Compile - Add layers, collages, etc.

  • Specific Alterations - Fade edges, special effects, 3D effects, etc.

We also have a massive database at our fingertips of royalty-free images. This database will almost always have images to fit the needs of your website.


* We are in no way affiliated with The Home Depot, Nike Shoes, or MacDonald's Restaurants. We did not build their website or assist in any way with their logo designs. These are only examples to add our point.

**Note before making  a decision to hire or partner with Sapphire Arts or Servant Publications, please read our Standards & Privacy Policies.

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