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Operating Agreement/Mission Statement


Sapphire Arts (Design & Publishing), LLC
374 Csting St, SE     

Albany, OR.  97322       


Who we are:

We are Matthew and Nancy Davenport of Albany, Oregon. I (Matthew) work independently in the wood shop. Nancy works independently in the fabric shop. I write the books we publish (under pen names “M.R.Davenport and E.M.Oliver”) and Nancy is our editor. We design or hire out for the cover designs. We are both responsible for the remaining work. Including financial, plans, sales, etc. We are equally responsible for this company and expect the survivor of either to take full control if needed.

What is our business?

Our company is called Sapphire Arts. We are currently a Domestic Limited Liability Company that specializes in three (3) specific fields.

  1. Woodcraft that includes (though not limited to) species’ of redwood, myrtle, oak, and cedar. Respectively used to create a variety of sizes and designs of cups, bowls, spoons, plates, and custom items.

  2. Fabric Art that is generally sourced from recycled or reclaimed material. Denim, print, cottons, and others are pulled apart and turned into an assortment of imaginative new works of design and culturally pertinent items. From one-of-a-kind bags and purses, to lifelong, keepsake plush animals.

  3. Publishing original stories from the imagination of our team members. Never before in print, full length novels that cover a variety of topics. From survival in the wilderness of Alaska, to the deep space adventures of the future, to convertible Mustang rides on the highways of America, our books will take you places that you may never see with your own eyes.

More details...

In addition to the main three things, we also build websites, assist other authors with their work, and teach Bible Study five mornings a week live on Facebook. The latter of which we do for free.

Our Mission Statement is simply this: We are in business, first and foremost, to glorify God. In fact, our name comes from the description of the Throne Room of God given in Exodus 24. All we do we do as a way to present His presence to others and, perhaps create, with His help, something worthy of being in that beautiful place.

Our mandate that we have been led to will always be reflected in the way we treat our customers. In fact, it is our philosophy to realize we are not making customers, we are building relationships. In a very real way, we have no customers. Only friends.

Thank you for your interest in Our extended Mission Statement, us, and our company!

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