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Editing comes in multiple forms. These different forms are explained and priced in a step fashion below. Rate costs can be superseded when a package rate is given. So, a quote will range from a “per word” quote up to a monetary quote for the entire work. Package quotes are done on a case-by-case basis and are not quoted here. These rates apply only to editing the actual words within the body of the project/book. These do not include completed publishing. In addition, we can do graphic design for your cover, system set-up for your online access and printing (Amazon), partial or complete formatting, research/citing, basic promotions, and web design.

Editing on a piece-by-piece basis
This may have a minimum fee quote attached to it. This minimum will be given on a case by case basis, as well. All work requires a 25% deposit prior to starting. Definitions will be given before each section. We do not start our editing via a printed copy. You must send/give us the work to be done in a Word Document copy. Preferably by e-mail.

Editing/Proofing Processes

There are two options for our service. The first is a proofreading. This consists of a full read through that results in a report and recommendations. This is a paid in advance process.

The second option is our full editing step-by-step. This process is not changeable. This numbered system allows you as the writer/contractor to be kept abreast of where your work is.

  1. Editing Level One - Initial scan begins - Assessment is made on whether a re-write is needed. This is essentially a "scattered proofreading" meant to get a feel for the book. There is a $50 charge for this. Which will be applied towards total costs if you choose to have more work done. A report of recommendations will be released to you.

  2. Editing Level Two - First read-through - Structure assessment (discover viability of outcome - "Is this worth publishing?"). Report is given to the writer.

  3. Editing Level Three - Word-by-word edit - Search for grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, etc. Also a sentence, paragraph, chapter, and overall structure assessment.

  4. Editing Level Four - Corrections - Read-through with corrections and clarifications made.

  5. Editing Level Five - Audio read-through - Full book read-through aloud (with one editor and a separate reader) for audio viability and better readability.

  6. Editing Level Six - Book Proof - Printed Proof is bought and a full read-through is done for final edit and more corrections.

These six steps for a full editing can be changed only by prior agreement. A basic assessment of your work will be required before this can be agreed upon. Contact us for more questions.

The following Fees Chart is a basic layout of the costs you will incur. Note that Package Offers do not always stick to these prices as more work is initiated. Contact us here for more info and if you are wanting to have us engage in assessing your book.

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