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Whether it is non-fiction or novel, we are interested in helping. In the end, you will retain 100% of the rights and ownership of your story/book. Sapphire Arts keeps nothing!

We offer publishing for a variety of book genres and styles:

  • Biographical

  • Fiction

  • Science Fiction

  • Mystery

  • Young Adult

  • Non-Fiction

  • Teaching

  • Devotionals

  • And more…

Our guidelines are very strict and are not optional or discretionary. Meaning that they cannot be changed for special reasons. We are a Christian based company and those Christian values permeate our existence. It is our intention to always use our gifts to glorify God. Your title does not have to be exclusively about Him, but it cannot be in conflict with Who He is and the parameters and morals laid about through His Word, the Holy Bible.

One of the struggles that some run into when telling the truth about what they have gone through (as in a biographical project) is the need to be authentic and truthful. However, describing the ugly way that a person talks (such as using foul words) can be easily accomplished without actually using the words. If a woman is raped, graphic description is unnecessary to make the point. In a sword fight, explaining the life taking process does not need to be done to the point of causing the reading to be repelled. And so on. Much can be explained without turning it into an R rated story. Or worse. If you find this to be too difficult, you should consider a different publisher.

Our theme is that any age can read or have our books read to them. However, we know that some bios might make that difficult. We understand that even a clean story can be difficult for children to read or hear. Which is why we take projects on a case-by-case basis. An adult oriented story is not out of the question. But there are ways to tell even a “non-child-friendly” story and keep it clean.

If your project tackles things such as truth when faced with sin or what is often acceptable acts by the world’s understanding, we are interested. Many of the problems the world is dealing with is a direct result of the agreement it has with sin. While this may be a difficult subject to get on board with, one life saved is worth it.

If you are uncertain, contact us.

Your project must meet the following criteria or we will not undertake your publishing:

  • Cannot contain any form of graphic or explicit description of sex, sexuality, bodily form, or pornographic dialogue.

  • No promotion of sexual diversity.

  • No graphic or foul language.

  • Fine detail of blood letting or gore.

  • No promotion of public entities (known corporations, public people, etc.)

  • Religious promotions (other than Christian).

  • Political promotion.

All forms of description remain in the hands of Sapphire Arts, LLC., for deciding what qualifies and what does not.

Your project can have the following:

  • Strong family ideas

  • Christian promotions

  • Family friendly adventure

  • Intrigue, mystery, truth

  • Danger and difficulties

  • Real life incidents

  • Unpopular topics

  • Novels, non-fiction, bios, booklets


We Are Not Vanity Publishing
This term is often associated with publishers that produce a book for someone strictly for pay. As you can see from our guidelines above, we do not strictly publish for pay. We are a committed company with strong morals. One of the first things that will happen when we are contacted about a project is to pray whether or not God wants us involved in it.


Understand that we are a “free, at-will” publisher. Meaning either the writer/contractee or ourselves (Sapphire Arts, LLC., Matthew Davenport and Nancy Davenport) can choose to leave the project at anytime. The contract between us explains this.

There are many companies who publish with the idea that anything is okay as long as they get paid. If a project is placed upon our hearts from the Lord to do, we will do it regardless of how much finances are involved.

And Now...
If you need some free advice, we do that too. Feel free to
contact us and let us help.

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