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Contest & Game Rules

This page deals with the rules surrounding the contests that Sapphire Arts presents from time to time. This will usually be conducted through one of the Social Media accounts that we use. You can find them by clicking the icons located above in the header.

Official Social Media Contest Rules:


  1. You must be eighteen (18) years of age to enter any contest presented. The only exception to this rule is if a parent or guardian has expressly given permission to do so. Prize awards can be forfeited in this case.

  2. You must have a Facebook account.

  3. You must have a viable address to which the prizes may be shipped.

  4. Sapphire Arts's employees, staff, or immediate family members are not eligible.

  5. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void wherever prohibited or restricted by law.

  6. You must be willing to have your name posted as the winner on the Sapphire Arts Facebook business page. Your name will be the only information given to the public. No links or further information will be posted. This includes you Facebook account link.

  7. You must also be willing to give Sapphire Arts your mailing address in order to send the prizes to you unless you are able to collect them in a different manner. Winners will determine this.

How To Enter:

  1. There is no purchase necessary. Prizes will be shipped if need be from Albany Oregon at no cost to the winner.

  2. The contest will be conducted through Sapphire Arts' Facebook business page.

  3. An appropriate post will be made on June 28, 2020, posted at 12:01 am. This post will be singular and clearly announced. It will be in place for exactly seven (7) days and be removed at midnight (11:59 pm) on July 4, 2020.

  4. All people (regardless of whether they have "liked" Sapphire Arts' page or not, or if they are "friends" with any member or employee of Sapphire Arts) who are considered eligible may enter the contest.

  5. A contestant is placed in the "running" by "reacting" to the post. By either a "like", a "love", a "care", a "haha", a "wow", a "sad", or an "angry" reaction.

  6. In addition, a comment on the post will also add their name to the entrants. 

  7. Double entry: If a person comments (at least one word, and only once (you may comment more than once, but you will only be eligible for that one extra entry)) and selects a "reaction" as well, their name will be considered twice in the random drawing.

Prize Determination

  1. This contest is one (1) week long. The post that will be in place will be repeatedly re-posted throughout this seven (7) day period.

  2. At the conclusion of the contest open status, the names of all that "reacted" or "commented" (or both) to the post will be compiled and the winner will be chosen by random number selected by a third party random selection generator (

  3. The number selected will correspond to the number placed by order of reaction, then comment. So the total number of reactions will be compiled and number by first reaction to last reaction. Then the total number of comments will be compiled from the first comment on. The numbers for the comments will begin at the first number after the reactions last number.

  4. The person who is chosen through the random selection will be notified immediately through their Facebook account. If there is a delay of more than seventy-two (72) hours post notification that the winner does not respond, a secondary winner will be selected. The process will repeat until a viable winner is found. This notification will take place before their name is posted as the winner.

  5. The winner must be willing to have their name announced on Facebook. If a person is not willing to have their name put forth (without any undue information - see #6 under Eligibility) they will be disqualified and another winner will be selected.

  6. The prize(s) are guaranteed regardless of entrant number/amount.

  7. Contest ends July 4, 2020, 11:59 pm. The winner will be selected the following day and announced on July 6th via the Sapphire Arts' Facebook account page. Providing there is not a delay.

  8. The prizes are as follows:

    1. One (1) plush, hand-made bunny rabbit named "Jeanie".​

    2. One (1) set of redwood serving utensils (spoon & fork)

    3. One (1) book called "My King: The Chalice of Tribute", written and sign by the author, M.R.Davenport.

  9. Prize values are approximately $80.00 plus the cost of shipping of $25.

Odds Of Winning

  1. Odds of winning are determined by the total number of entries received and cannot be projected.

  2. If there are no comments of reactions, all prizes will be returned to the company inventory.

Entrants Information

  1. As per our privacy policy, no information gathered through this contest will be used for any other purpose than what is established and agreed upon by the entrance of this contest.

  2. By entering into this contest you agree to the use of your name only for publicity purposes. Your address and further information will not be revealed to anyone under penalty of law.


  1. This contest is sponsored exclusively by Sapphire Arts with the expressed purpose of self-promotion and public relations.

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