Matt Davenport

(AKA, M.R.Davenport, E.M.Oliver)


A little about...

Technically, these bios are supposed to be written in third person. I have no problem writing a story or novel in the third, but this is about me.

I was born in 1966, in the small town of Ukiah, in Northern California. I was the first baby born in the county for that year and, back then, it was a big deal. The entire county celebrated.

I have loved writing since my teen years. Excelling in Science Fiction and Creative Writing classes in junior and high school. I had no idea at the time that I would ever publish books, however.

After high school, I joined the US Army. Something very common for that period of time. I became a Military Police Officer. After I separated from the service, I planned to continue in civilian law enforcement, but the desire to make a living caused the preparation needed to join a department to come to an end. So I became a full time truck driver, instead. That was about the time I met and married my wife.

Well, I drove truck for many years, covering nearly the entire United States. Deliveries varied from logs to lumber to chicken parts. I managed to drive professionally in 43 different states and 3 different Canadian Provinces.

In the mean time, my wife and I had three children, Mercy, Caleb, and Jacob.

In 2002, I was asked to help out temporarily with the church I was attending. My pastor had died from cancer and I had served as an assistant for some time, so I led the church for the next eight years.

Circumstances caused us to move to Missouri. A short couple of years there, my wife and I divorced. It was pretty hard on me, but the fault was my own.

My life, though it has had a few down points, is blessed beyond what I could have ever expected. God has been good to me in a very big way.

I was asked to come to Oregon to write a biography for a family member. At that time, I had a very busy blog, but no books published. I met and was overwhelmed by a lady that loved God and fell for me. So I fell for her, too. She and I married on April 14th, 2018. She is, in a huge way, responsible for my books. She has no idea how little I would have ever accomplished without her.

I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed writing them! They are, first and foremost, a gift from a happy and gracious Father!

Unlike most writers, I tend to explore multiple genres. Human adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and so on. Including young adult (YA). I found that using the same pen name for all these different styles was kind of confusing. So you will find my "real" initials in my writing of typical, adult story lines. Such as the book "Hutch". It stands for Matthew Roy.

On the other hand, the pen name E.M.Oliver is used mostly for young adult, regardless of the genre. It stands for "Eric" (my older brother's name), "Monique" (my little sister), and "Oliver" is my father's middle name. So, now ya know!

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me through the contact page here or by email. And, of course, there is always social media! And yes, I will actually be the one to respond to you directly...I have no secretaries.  Facebook * Instagram


By M.R.Davenport
Moses Kincaid was done with life. He’d survived two wives, watching both die helplessly. He then poured himself into his life as a truck driver. But his company forced him into retirement before he was ready. Then he met Hudson Foster.Hudson had all the money he needed. But all that money would not fix his body. He did have One thing that Kincaid needed. Whether Kincaid knew it or not.These two team up to take on adventure as they cross the country they love: America! Follow their exciting, adventuresome, sometime dangerous and scary, trek from Watertown, New York, to the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys to the high desert of California. Share in the buddy story that will forever change both of them!

Available on Amazon. Or contact us directly here and ask about a signed copy delivered to you from the author.


By M.R.Davenport

Malcolm “Hutch” Hutchford is a tough LA Police Detective. He’s fought every kind of criminal imagined. From thieves and murderers to gangs and drug pushers. Creeps of every kind and background. But nothing fully prepared him for his vacation.By a series of both false and jumped conclusions, he finds himself dropped on a mountain, deep into the wilderness of Springtime Alaska. Left to die. With the most ferocious that the wild country has to throw at him, he is determined to live. But the cost will be more than just wanting to live. He will need some help from an unexpected Source.Death waits at every turn, but Hutch refuses to give up. He learns the way of survival. He learns about wolves and bears. He learns how to endure the greatest of pain. But the hardest lesson he has to learn will be about his past.

Available on Amazon. Or contact us directly here and ask about a signed copy delivered to you from the author.


blaqwatch - 30 Days of Summer

By M.R.Davenport
Aaron and Tommy are best friends heading into their 12th summer. A simple bike ride turns into a scary adventure when they become aware of a secret plot to kill hundreds of thousands of people. But they can’t just tell anyone. Trust is a paramount issue. However, as 12-year-olds, there’s not much they can do on their own. But they are determined to not let that stop them. As they follow the clues they were given, they discover an ultra-secret organization known only as Blaqwatch. Before long, they are working side by side.Born and raised in the Redwoods of Northern California, they find their backwoods fun turns into backwoods survival. The group behind the planned attack will stop at nothing to silence the boys. With limited help, they remain vigilant, determined to find out who is behind it and stop them before an entire city is wiped out.

Available on Amazon. Or contact us directly here and ask about a signed copy delivered to you from the author.

My King - The Chalice of Tribute

By M.R.Davenport
“‘Twas a time of the Knight. When quests and fables abound. When man fought to live and lived for conquest. A time of trolls and dragons. Such lore that stirred the heart to seek out the truth."I was upon my first quest. To seek that which was denied many afore myself. Yet I found far more than that which was within my quest. I found one that would fight with me. That would teach me, though I be stubborn of it. One that would not fold about when the heart screeched of fear. He and I would build a friendship that was unbreakable. And through that I would see Who he found his fortitude from. He went about, all that he was, good and strong, all he had, all he proclaimed, always, always he spoke such. “’Tis not I, but yea, ‘tis My King.””Follow Sir Meritus as he seeks the Chalice of Tribute. An adventure that will take you along with him and his new cohort, Caducus, through perils unimagined with beasts of legend, criminals of foul repute and young maidens in distress to find that the greatest quest does not end with a simple trinket.

Available on Amazon. Or contact us directly here and ask about a signed copy delivered to you from the author.